Heavenly Havachons

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Lifetime Breeder Support
for your puppy!!

Heavenly Havachons is proud to offer LIFETIME support for your new family member! 

Feel free to contact Heavenly Havachons with ANY questions or concerns for the life of your puppy. I am only a phone call or email away! We are committed to helping you provide the best life for your family member. I am always happy to answer any questions regarding your puppy's well being or any issues that may arise with him/her, such as training, grooming, and routine care. If at any time you have a need to rehome your puppy and can not find anyone, I will take them back. Please do not send your pet to the shelter. I am always here to help for the LIFE of your pet. 

I also recommend getting pet insurance for your new babies. I use PetPlan and it is worth every penny. They even cover congenital problems, where some other insurances don't. I have a dog that has over $30,000 in surgeries in the last 5 years and they have paid me back 80%! Could not have done it without the insurance. their website is www.gopetplan.com 

Heavenly Havachons - Mandy Middleton