Heavenly Havachons

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Havachon, Beaganese,
  Teddy Bear Puppies!

Exquisitly , Playful, Hypoallergenic, Loving, Loyal Friends for Life!
(Georgetown, Ohio)

Meet PISTON: Havapoo Sire

Blue Merle with Ice Blue Eyes! Loves to play and has a friendly, outgoing, playful, and sweet disposition. This boy has tons of personality and is very handsome!

Meet GINGER: Havachon Dam
She is a rare Tri-color Chocolate Sable. Has an extremely outgoing and friendly disposition. Loves to play!

Meet POSSUM: AKC Beagle Dam

Possum is a Rare Blue Merle Beagle with Ice Blue Eyes!! She is super sweet and loving personality. Very outgoing and loves everyone! We are expecting her first litter very soon!

WHAT IS A HAVACHON? It is a mixture of  Havanese and Bichon Frise. They are very loving and playful. Hypoallergenic and non-shedding. The Bichon is an extremely docile and loving breed They have curly hair like a Poodle. Havanese are very energetic and playful. They have long straight or wavy hair. When you mix the two the pups can come out with either wavy or curly hair. These pups can have either temperament. The Bichon type are more laid back lap dogs and Havanese type are more playful.

WHAT IS A BEAGANESE? They are a mixture of Havanese and Beagle. The coats can vary from short, to wirey, to long and curly. The wavy hair is non-shedding and the wirey type coat is low shedding. These guys are a little more high energy than the Havachon and do best in a family that will provide exercise every day. 

What sets Heavenly Havachons apart from the others...

You are buying from a breeder that offers Lifetime support for any puppy purchased!
Our pups are loved on and handled every day from birth. Socialization and acclimation to noises, grooming, and other potentially scary things are started from the time their eyes open to ensure the most stable temperament for your new family member and smooth transition to your home and lifestyle. Your new pup will be current on all vaccinations, de-worming, and flea and heartworm prevention at the time of sale. Each puppy will be sent home with a goodie bag that includes, a new collar and leash, toys, chews, brush, comb, nail cutters, puppy food, first month of flea,tick, and heartworm prevention, and a personalized health folder.

Contact Mandy @ Heavenly Havachons
email: heavenlyhavac[email protected]
phone: 937-378-6900